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Greetings from the Norma Wood Library at Arkansas State University Mountain Home!

We love trying new things. Maybe its chemicals in the books or the hazardous radiation coming off the computers in the lab, but we really love trying out new stuff. The ASUMH Library has a number of projects out in the digital domain that we administer. A reportoire that we are constantly updating, tweaking and fine-tuning. We've created a separate space to help keep it all sorted out.

On the black bar that spans the top of the page, you'll find links to major library projects, including the main website, mobile website, and this support site as well as a direct link to our online catalog. Options on the tab bar (in the upper right hand corner) link to support sites for each of those projects, providing a brief overview as well as general troubleshooting tips and tricks. The links on the bottom of the page will redirect you to a submission form where you can either report a bug or make a recommendation for some bit of functionality you'd like to see included in future releases and revisions.

The library staff is always anxious to hear how the students, faculty and staff are using the library's resources and are always looking for ways to incorporate new ideas so that we may better serve the needs of our beloved masses.

Currently, the library has quite the digital collection under its purview:

  • The library's main website, located at and hosted on campus. It is the first stop for many and has tons of information on not just library services, but also tutorials on how to information, access resources and answers to commonly asked questions.
  • The library's mobile site, a stripped down version of the main website with links to our mobile specific resources including our mobile catalog and mobile friendly databases. It's our library on the go, wrapped up in a sleek package and optimized to run well on just about any mobile device.
  • The library's support site, which houses a repository of publicly available code, general information and troubleshooting for all of the library's digital projects.
  • The online catalog. Our library uses Voyager, an ILS (Integrated Library System) used by more than 1,300 libraries around the world, including the Library of Congress. Currently, we have two versions available for public consumption: the full version--linked to from the main website--and the mobile version--linked to from our mobile site and our smartphone apps.
  • Our "New Arrivals" site, a separate site created solely to showcase the latest additions to the library's collection--everything from reference material to popular DVDs.
  • The Digital Preservation and Historical Archives, created in 1997 to preserve and disseminate knowledge about Ozark Mountain history. The Library has completed its first project, the digitization of images and text relating to the Wolf House. The Wolf House is on the National Register of Historical Places and is believed to be the oldest house in Arkansas.
  • The library's mobile apps, app-ified versions of the library's mobile website for both iPhone/iPad and Android platforms.
  • The library's Facebook page. Updated often, the library's Facebook page is the easiest way to keep current on what's going on in the library.

Things in the digital domain are changing at a rapid pace and each new day brings with it a new bit of technology, software or methodology with which to play around. Libraries around the world are typically on the forefront of these great technological advances, adopting the experimental in an effort to better bring their services to their patrons. While our uses may vary and while not a lot of our tinkering makes it to the frontlines, we are dedicated to keeping our finger on the pulse, so to speak, and welcome all questions, comments and suggestions on ways we can make our library more easily accessible.