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The latest additions to our portfolio are the ASUMH Library apps for both the Apple iPhone and Android phones.
The ASUMH Library app is a hybrid app, meaning that it makes use of both online and offline features in order to provide a one-stop shop for library and campus information in convenient app form.

  • Basic search of the library's catalog
  • Information on the library's hours and contact information
  • Got a question that only we can answer? Try our "Ask a Librarian" feature
  • Zoomable Campus map
  • Subscribe to the ASUMH RSS feed to keep up on latest news
  • Check out our new arrivals and like us on facebook!

The iPhone app is currently sitting at version 1.1 requires iOS 4.3 or later and works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The Android app is currently at version 1.0 requires Android OS 1.6 or later and works with both Android phones and tablets.

Both apps are free of charge and while there are no immediate plans for major revisions or the development of a separate app optimzed for the iPad or Android tablets, given interest, there is always the possibility.

The iPhone app can be found on the iTunes store.
ASUMH Library - Arkansas State University Mountain Home

The Android app can be found on Google Play.
Android app on Google Play

Suggestions and bug reports can be made via the links at the top of the page or you can email the developer directly at

The iPhone app was developed using the iOS SDK available for free from the iOS Dev Center. The Android app was developed using the Android SDK available for free from the Android Developers Center in conjunction with the Eclipse IDE

Both apps were developed entirely in-house with copious amounts of help from the developer forums of both Apple and Google as well as the fine community of StackOverflow.